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The idea of keeping alive the memories of our loved ones, recent and long past, remains an important aspect of Jewish continuity and identity. At Kol Ami, this is part of what we recall when we hear the words "from generation to generation, לדור ודור, l'dor vador."
Yahrzeit Plaques
Our Yahrzeit Plaques offer you the opportunity to keep the memory of family and friends alive. Your loved ones will be honored in perpetuity at Kol Ami by a memorial light for the week of remembrance, reciting Kaddish on their yahrzeit, an annual listing in our Yizkor Scroll of Remembrance during the High Holy Days, and a notification reminding you of their yahrzeit and the date we will recite their name in loving memory. With our uniquely designed memorial plaques, you also have the opportunity to place a stone by their name any time you visit Kol Ami. Members of Kol Ami can purchase plaques to remember their loved ones for $750. Those who are not members can do so for $1500. This can be done on our online donation page, or by calling our office at (323) 606-0996.
Holocaust Memorial Scroll
Kol Ami proudly holds a Holocaust memorial scroll, Sefer Torah #401, one of the 1,564 Czech Memorial Sifre Torah. This scroll orginated from Polna, and was written in the 19th century. ​​​​​​Due to its fragility, we keep it rolled to the "middle" of the Torah, Leviticus 19, and we have the honor of reading from it once each year on the afternoon of Yom Kippur. Click here to read more about our Holocaust Mem​orial Scroll.
Pet Memorial Tree
We also recognize the unconditional love and support our animals effortlessly provide in their lives, and we know that the death of a pet can leave a hole in the fabric of our home. At Kol Ami, we provide a place of honor for our beloved pets in our courtyard garden. It's a beautiful, peaceful, shady spot that we know our pets would enjoy, and you can inscribe your pet's first name, date of passing, and if you would like, a small message of love on our Pet Memorial Tree. Click here for more details and to honor your pet's memory.
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