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Chanukah 2020 will begin in the evening of Thursday, December 10 and ends in the evening of Friday, December 18.
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Thank you for giving to #BeTheLight for our values this year! Your gift helps us shine the light of our values both during this Chanukah, our festival of lights, and in the year to come.

Gifts of $100 (or more) towards a given candle will be listed as sponsors of that candle.

With a gift of $1000 or more you can dedicate a candle for one of the nights. 
With a gift of $2000, you can dedicate the Shamash, the Candle of Peace!

New this year: give a sponsorship or dedication of a candle as a gift to a loved one during this Chanukah season! Any sponsorships or dedications given as gifts will include a card sent to the honoree from Kol Ami.
Please fill out all honoree information thoroughly to ensure they receive their Chanukah card!


Thanks to those who have already helped us light our Chanukiah!
Candle of Truth
Rabbi Max Chaiken & Rabbi Danny Shapiro
Dr. Nancy A. Cohen
Marca Gay
Don Margolin
Duke Marine

Candle of Health
Dr. Marilyn Ader & Karen Shanbrom
Joshua Finkel & Dr. Stephen Schmones
Amy Gibbons
Jeffrey Hu
Dr. Susan Igdaloff
Steven Karbelnig
Keith Rand & Hon. John D'Amico
Matthew Rabin
Dr. Neil Romanoff
Dennis Schorr

Candle of Family
Patrick Auerbach & David Kaminski 
Alan Bernstein
Amy Gibbons
Keith Rand & Hon. John D'Amico

Tobi Rosen
Candle of Kindness
Michael Berlin
Evan Cohn
Lynn Harrill
Vitaly Koshman
Marc Purchin & Steven Escobar
Elyse Resch & Dr. Arlene Drake
Diane Saltzberg
Dr. Johanna Schor
Dr. Michael Zeldin & Dr. Terry Gock
Joseph Zipkin
Candle of Hope
David Bernstein & Bernie Goldberg
Edward Casson
Jo Sherman & Mary Jane Varley
Michael Silverman
Travis Terry
Candle of Justice
Dr. Marilyn Ader & Karen Shanbrom
John Altschul
Roberta Bennett
Dr. Jane Drucker & Leesa Freed
Sheryl Gold & Marla Sandow

Wendy Hartmann
David Kaminski & Patrick Auerbach 
Katie Kitchens & Greg Halverstadt

Stuart Leviton & Herb Schultz
Marianne Lowenthal & Wendy Glenn
Loren Ostrow & Brian Newkirk
Keith Rand & Hon. John D'Amico
Elizabeth Randall
Dr. Neil Romanoff

Karen Siteman-Lev & Karen Schuman-Lev
William Weinberger & Danny Gibson-Weinberger

Robert Weiner
Jeffrey Wortman & Peter Balderas
Richard Wortman & David Schreiber
Neal Zaslavsky
Candle of Faith
David Bernstein & Bernie Goldberg
Rabbi Max Chaiken & Rabbi Danny Shapiro
Carlos Colon
Keith Rand & Hon. John D'Amico

Candle of Joy
Joshua Bobrowsky & Daniel Tarica
Edward Casson
Rabbi Max Chaiken & Rabbi Danny Shapiro
Dr. Victor Gabriel & Nicholas Hisoire
Amir Miltchan
Dr. Iris Levine & Lesili Beard
Matthew Rabin
Andrew & Frank Reback
Shamash - Candle of Peace
Richard Bernard
Rabbi Denise L. Eger & Rabbi Eleanor Steinman
Claudia Queen
Rebecca Shurz & Simon Thompson
Andrew Stein
Michael Sugar 
Alan Weisbart & Alesha Hughes
Light of Gratitude 
Hope Faust & Carolyn Dye
And of course you can still give for any of these core values, helping us #BeTheLight during this Festival of Lights!
Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781