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Troubleshooting for Streaming and Zoom

Need help connecting with us online? New to Zoom or Facebook, or stuck with a technical difficulty? Below are some troubleshooting tips to try at home! 
For Live Streaming our Services via Facebook Live:
During the current stay-at-home order, we are live streaming to Facebook Live. Regardless of whether or not you have a Facebook account, you can visit our Facebook page by clicking here, and during service times, our live video should appear on the page. You will have to click on the video to start it playing.
We have also embedded our Facebook feed onto both the home page of our website, as well as our live stream page, which hosts archived services from the sanctuary live stream.
When you arrive to either of those pages, and scroll down, you should see this:
 The Facebook content should refresh when we go live during service times for you to click on the video directly from our site. 
If you arrive at either our home page, or our live stream page, and you do not see the Facebook content above, you may need to adjust settings in your browser. 
For instance, you may see this:
1. Try to refresh the page. This may resolve the issue automatically.
2. If the quotation mark and "Congregation Kol Ami" does not render as the Facebook content in the first image after refreshing, try adjusting your browser settings to allow pop-ups on
     2a. In Google Chrome, you will want to toggle the site-specific permissions to "allow Flash" and "allow pop-ups & redirects."
     2b. In Firefox, you will want to disable "enhanced tracking protection" for
3. Remember you can always visit Facebook directly, as indicated above, even if you do not have a profile or want to create one. Our page is a public page, and can be viewed even if you are not logged in.
For Trouble Shooting Sound & Video Difficulties
1. Remember to check your volume and your mute settings.
2. Try rebooting your computer. Often times this helps resolve difficulties with video or audio settings so that they restore to defaults. 
Downloading Zoom
You can download the Zoom client and create a free basic account at Zoom.Us - this is the application we have been using for virtual gatherings, such as drop-in hours with the rabbis, virtual concerts, meetings and Torah study.
We have most of our meetings set to use a waiting room, so please make sure your Zoom account is labeled with your name, so we can recognize you and admit you to the programs when they begin!
Tue, May 26 2020 3 Sivan 5780