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Shabbat Services

Congregation Kol Ami places special emphasis on our Shabbat worship. Shabbat - Challah and Kiddish Cups 

Each Friday night and on the first Shabbat Saturday of the month, our worship services reflect a joyous, uplifting approach to prayer and spirituality.

Services are held at 8:00 p.m. on Friday evenings, except for the first Friday of every month, when we encourage families to attend our 6:45 p.m. services.

Shabbat morning worship is held on the first Saturday each month at 10:00 a.m.   

 Mishkan TFilahServices are led by Rabbi Denise L. Eger and Cantor Mark Saltzman, using the gender sensitive Mishkan Tefilah. Our services combine both Hebrew and English in a highly accessible liberal service. We use traditional prayer, interpretative prayer and at times guided meditations to express our connection to the Holy.

Music is an essential element of every worship experience. The haunting melodies of old combined with contemporary musical selections create a vibrant, spiritual experience.

Cantor Saltzman uses a variety of styles to interpret the service and the seasons. With piano and often other kinds of musical accompaniment Cantor Saltzman helps our prayers reach heaven. Rabbi Eger uses her musical talents to lead the monthly family service with guitar.

Kol Ami is a singing congregation and we express our spirituality through our music. Rabbi Eger and Cantor Saltzman work closely together to weave the words and the music into a fabric of comfort, joy and celebration.Congregants with Torahs on Bima 

Rabbi Eger often gives a sermon or d'var torah, and is well known for her "Ask the Rabbi" sessions when congregants can ask the rabbi questions about Jewish tradition, practice and observance. When Torah is read, the congregation is often invited to the bima (Pulpit) to observe the reading of the Torah scroll. 

If you are unable to make it to Services and would still like to join us for worship, NOW YOU CAN! 

Congregation Kol Ami is proud to offer you the opportunity to view Friday evening Services live on the web.  Please connect here for Friday night Services, and enjoy the spiritual experience of Kol Ami at home.


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