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Kindergarten - 8th grade

Celebrating the blessing of all our families

Religious School 5-15-11   Religious School 5-15-11 2  

 Neil Lerhman with children

The Religious School of Congregation Kol Ami is dedicated to the depths and breadth of Jewish Learning. We believe that each child is a valued member of the Jewish people and as such should be introduced to the sacred texts of our tradition and the timeless language that unites us as a People. Our school is committed to the idea of fostering faith in God, Torah and the People of Israel. As a community and congregation we value Jewish literacy and want our children to be at home amid the diversity of the Jewish community

We value the Torah's teaching that we are all created B'tzelem Elohim, in God's image. We are committed to celebrating the diversity of our families and welcome children in our school from families with lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parents, as well as from interfaith and Jewish families.

Our school creates a fun, positive, encouraging and nurturing environment in which your child may learn and grow in an atmosphere that uses a variety of learning experiences and tools.

For Religious School we intend:

  • To help our children find the beauty and joy of Jewish life and the strength of Jewish knowledge through tefillah (prayer and reflection), mitzvot (actions) and tzedakah (charity).
  • To provide age appropriate learning that uses books and materials that are contemporary and subject matter that is relevant to American Jewish children.
  • To promote self-exploration that encourages freethinking and to nurture the beauty that emerges from groups of students confronting the complexities of our heritage.
  • To convey the importance of social justice as it affects our society at large, our community in particular, the individual and as a deep expression of our Jewish spirituality.
  • To encourage and support the incorporation of Jewish life and practice into your homes and to bring the parents into the classroom.

For information or an application, please call the office (323) 606-0996.


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