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  • What To Expect in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur

    This article has been reprinted with permission from InterfaithFamily

    YKInfographicIf this is your first Yom Kippur, you should be aware that it's an entire day of prayer, much longer than on Shabbat or any other Jewish holiday. There are five official services on Yom Kippur:

    Evening service, often called Kol Nidre after its opening ritual
    Morning service (Shacharit)
    Additional service (Musaf)
    Afternoon service (Minchah)
    Closing service (Neilah) which is only done on Yom Kippur

    An ordinary sabbath or holiday only has four services, and none are as long and complex as those on Yom Kippur, which has many added poems and readings. Most synagogues have a break between the additional morning service and the afternoon service. Many people who fast find that they are tired and need a nap. Not everyone has the staying power to pray all the services, and many Jews just choose to go to their favorites. Kol Nidre, with its solemn tune, is probably most popular, and the memorial service, usually done after the Torah reading in the morning service, but sometimes moved to the afternoon, is also well-attended.

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