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  • I’m Turning into My Mother-in-Law & I Think I Like it

    By Stacy Reiber for Raising Kvell

    I’m Turning into My Mother-in-Law“Mah Jongg is an old lady game.”

    I tried to block out those words as I carried the small red suitcase of tiles to my first lesson. I had fully assumed I wouldn’t like it, but honestly, once I understood the whole “crack bam dot” business, it was a blast. Challenging, fast moving and competitive, all of the qualities I like best in a game.

    “So I like Mah Jongg,” I told myself, “doesn’t mean I’m old.”

    Then came the Danielle Steel novels. My kids and I were at the library and I had to choose my books while simultaneously making sure they didn’t put their hands in the newly-installed waterfall (easier said than done since the librarian had already warned me once after catching them in the act). Wanting something light and mindless that I knew I could read on the beach, I chose Danielle Steel (my book club would be horrified). That was the day I realized I’m not only getting old–I am turning into my mother-in-law.

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