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  • Four New Questions for Your Seder

    Sparking discussion on some of Passover’s most important themes from

    Jews love questions. So it’s no surprise that the Seder, commemorating the birth of our people, is structured in a question/answer format. Participants are meant to ask and to spark lively discussion and exploration.

    In this spirit, let me add to the Seder’s four questions an additional four that pick up on some of the most important themes to contemplate at the Passover table.

    Four New Questions1. A question on the main theme of the Seder

    Why do we call it the Seder?

    2. A question on the theme of family

    If the Seder is so important, a student once asked me, how come it’s observed in the home and not in the synagogue?

    3. A question on the theme of children

    The Seder revolves almost entirely around the children. The reason is obvious.

    4. A question on the theme of slaughtering the Paschal Lamb

    The requirement for Jews being saved in the Passover story was to slaughter a lamb and to smear its blood on the doorpost so God would “pass over” that home and spare its inhabitants.

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